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The App

GAO Report

On September 2023 the GAO Released a report on the state of the US Army Barracks

"Poor Living Conditions Undermine Quality of Life and Readiness"

With Hots&Cots Service members can access detailed information, reviews, and ratings for various military barracks. This enables them to make informed decisions about their accommodations, taking into account factors like cleanliness, amenities, comfort, and more.


Why Choose Hots&Cots?


Trusted Community

Trusted community for service members to post reviews on DFACs and Barracks anonymously. Hots&Cots is committed to keep service members identity anonymous.

Stay Informed

Elevate your barracks experience with our app. Discover, rate, and share insights on military accommodations, connecting service members to the best living options at every duty station.

Developed By Veterans

Hots&Cots was born as a community-driven project within the r/Army Reddit community, developed by active military personnel and veterans passionate about improving the quality of life for service members. 

JBLM Installation Team

It definitely helps out in getting the right peoples attention, I’ve very thankful for the outlet this provides soldiers
Lead Quality Assurance Specialist
If you sent me a picture of raw chicken, I’d have someone at that DFAC immediately

H&C User

Just wanted to shout out my encouragement.  I “ranked” out of the barracks recently but you’re doing your bit to make sure joes and buck SGTs don’t have to suffer in silence and I’m glad you do.

How Hots&Cots Works


Share Your Experiences Anonymously

Have you stayed at a military lodging facility or eaten at a dining facility recently? Share your experience anonymously to help other service members make informed decisions about where to stay and eat.

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Find Reviews

Using Hots&Cots is easy. Simply open the app and search for military accommodations or dining facilities near you. You can also filter your search by location, rating, and more.

About Us

Our Mission

Improving the Quality of Life for Service Members

At Hots&Cots, we believe that sharing experiences can help improve the quality of life for service members. By providing a platform for anonymous sharing, we hope to make military life just a little easier.

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